Hello, I'm a 3D Generalist
with a love for technology, art and storytelling

View demo reel here - Demo Reel - May 2016, some ui work in maya and photoreal 3d models(90 secs)

View turntables of 3D from 2D concepts (45 secs)

Concept Art Modelling & Texturing

Based on 2D concept art from Aleksandr Pushai
Project 09

Modelling in Maya based on concept art from Aleksandr Pushai. Texturing in substance painter.

  • Tools: Maya,Substance Painter

3D Visualisation

Maya modelling - Stills.
Project 02

Various 3d Modelling including wireframes.

  • Tools: Maya, After Effects

Data Visualisation - Earthquake Data

Maya,QT Designer, Pymel Scripting
Project 08

Data Visualisation - Earth Quake Data UI

Using data sourced from http://earthquake.usgs.gov. This Maya UI enables the user to filter by date and magnitude. The user can choose what geometry they want to use and custom set the color range.

Technical Overview
Coded up in pymel/python and QT designer for the gui layout.

  • Tools used: Maya,Pymel,3delight/Renderman
  • Role: Maya and Python Scripting

Data Visualisation - Midi Data

Maya,Pymel Scripting
Project 02

Data Visualisation - Midi Data

Data Visualisation - Midi Data
I was curious to know if any piano piece uses close to the entire keyboard. A search brought up this piece from Chopin which nearly covers all 88 keys.

Technical Overview
I coded this up in pymel/python in Maya. It reads in midi data, parses it into something readable and outputs the results. Uses the Renderman/3delight technique of primitive variables to set the color range. Output in 3delight.

  • Tools used: Maya,Python/Pymel/,3Delight/Renderman
  • Role: Maya and Scripting

Data Visualisation - Map Route GUI

Maya,QT Designer, Pymel Scripting
Project 02

Data Visualisation - Map Route GUI

A visualisation GUI/tool in Maya for visualising routes between world capitals using Latitude and Longtitude data. Just use the GUI to pick the cities and animated curves link them up. Its all pretty well customisable so animation timing, colors, globe styles can be tweaked on an individual or global basis.

Technical Overview
Put this together using Pymel coding and QT designer for the GUI elements that work in Maya and rendered in 3delight/renderman. The curves carry all the color and frame settings with primitive variables so the scene geometry is light and the rendering quick.

  • Tools used: Maya,Pymel,3delight/Renderman
  • Role: Maya and Python Scripting

Animator - 24 Design / Ogwen Visitor Centre

Project 02

Animations for 24 Design

4 short animations that illustrate the geo processes that built the Snowdonia National Park. Incorporated by 24 Design in the customer experience at the centre. Check out http://www.24design.co.uk/portfolio/ogwen-visitor-centresnowdonia-national-parks/

  • Tools used:Maya,After Effects
  • Role: Animator


I'm a 3D Maya Generalist and like to work on and collaborate on projects where I can develop my skillset.


Happy to be always learning.

  • Maya 2015
  • Renderman and 3Delight
  • After Effects
  • Python / Pymel
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Nuke
  • Substance Painter
  • 3D Modelling: Hard modelling and organic modelling using Nurbs,Polygon and Sub-D techniques.
  • 3D Texturing, Lighting and Rigging.
  • Scripting: Pymel, Python, Bash, Linux command line.
  • Rendering: Using 3Delight/Renderman,Arnold
  • Matchmoving: embedding cg elements into filmed backplates
  • Compositing : After Effects